Aircraft Design

The aircraft industry has retained the same semi-monocoque structure for almost 70 years. That is not only has the outer appearance remained same over past decades, but also the internal structure, which preserves the aircraft shape and handles loads, has been used over and over again. This would have been acceptable of there was no room for improvement. However, surveying available research data it can be seen only few researches actually considered the development of the internal structure (airframe) main concept. Most researches only focused on minor development within the existing main stream structure.

Since the early beginning of my research journey, I was fascinated by the aircraft body structure. This passion started to evolve to focus on the process of creating the fuselage structure.

The process of discovering such passion and developing it carried on for 10 years of continuous research. After this stage I moved to academic research in 2009 to work on composite structures development…

I started my journey in innovation and design 16 years ago. Shortly after I was fascinated by the aerospace and defence industry. Since 2003, I have committed myself to focus my skills into the development of that industry.

At first I was more leaned towards hand sketches, until I was introduced to CAD application benefits in 2005 and since then I have mastered many applications that help prefect my designs. My current favourite tool is Autodesk Inventor, while I am always on the look for the best tools out there.

During my research career, I spent 3 years as a researcher in two Malaysian universities. Most of my work in academia was based on FEM/A and Structure R&D, especially with regards to the Airframe of civil aircrafts.


As of now it has been over a year working as a senior research and development engineer in the consumer electronics industry. I am also keeping in touch with all what is new in the aerospace industry and working out ideas for future aerospace products.

Tasks carried out during my career included:

  • Design innovative structures based on patented/patentable concepts
  • Testing and prototyping structures to propose improvements within tight deadlines
  • Set the design plan and coordinate deadlines with senior management
  • Collaborate with other departments to coordinate development efforts
  • Recommend relevant purchases, e.g. design tools, IT products
  • Research & Develop a novel airframe fuselage structure using for easier manufacturing & assembly
  • Conduct CFD, FEM & FEA to analyse new structure with respect to conventional
  • Investigate development of aircraft industry and semi-monocoque structure
  • Help design Honeycomb sandwich structure; manufacture and test using energy absorption factor with FEM/A
  • Design & build heuristic models of fuselage
  • Create concepts of turbo-props & amphibian aircrafts
  • Research fuselage design, stealth technology, WWII aircrafts, helicopters, VTOL & stealth airplanes

The aircraft industry is now starting to develop new techniques to improve vehicles structure, such as composite structure development. However, with the rise in air travel demand it is expected that the aircraft manufacturing industry might stand to benefit at large. In addition, cheaper aircrafts would be produced to satisfy the competition and demand coming from the East.

Although, the industry now focuses on developing more fuel efficient products to help reduce operation costs in the long term, the cost of vehicles themselves would not be reduced unless serious innovations has been implemented in material and process selection of these vehicles.